DuraBull floors are designed to last a LIFETIME!

When you choose DuraBull you receive a LIFETIME WARRANTY!



We are a company that uses 100% Polyaspartic.
We compete against companies that try to use the least expensive Epoxy basecoat and sell the customer on a poly aspartic or polyurea topcoat.

DuraBull – Epoxy Flooring Experts® – gives you peace of mind that your largest investment and your prize possessions are sitting on the highest quality epoxy floor available today!

In most cases we are able to PREPARE your floor TRANSFORM your floor and complete your dream garage in just ONE DAY!

DuraBull – Epoxy Flooring Experts® – uses Factory Certified Installers!

Installers are trained professionals with you, the home owners concerns and interest in mind. Our installers are clean and careful with incentives to never rush or hurry a project.

DuraBull – Epoxy Flooring Experts® uses POLYASPARTIC Epoxy, the hardest most durable resin available today in flooring epoxy.

Most companies will use a softer, inexpensive 2 part epoxy base coat to accept the color flake followed by the POLYASPARTIC topcoat.

OUR COMPANY uses POLYASPASRTIC epoxy for BOTH the base coat AND the topcoat! This creates a much stronger floor from its ability to BOND to the concrete, to resist impact damage, scratches and yellowing due to UV sunlight. 

With a wide range of POLYASPARTIC epoxy flooring colors to choose from, there is always the perfect color combination to compliment your HOME, OFFICE, or WORK SPACE.

“When choosing a professional to install an epoxy flooring system, the absolute cheapest may not be wisest decision. A product designed to last a lifetime, if installed incorrectly can make for a very expensive corrective action!“