Expert’s Guide to Cleaning Your Epoxy Floor

Expert’s Guide to Cleaning Your Epoxy Floor

Keep it sleek, keep it safe!

Your epoxy floors in the Palm Coast, FL area may look smooth and sleek, but it’s their super-efficient cleaning capabilities that make them a dream choice for any business or home. Keeping your floor free of dirt and grime is as easy as ever with proper maintenance – plus you’re guaranteed an immaculate finish every time! Don’t let unhygienic messes get the better of you: get help from our amazing guide to efficiently clean your epoxy floor today.

Cleaning Your Epoxy Floor in Palm Coast, FL

An image showing a freshly cleaned and installed flake garage epoxy floor.
Keep your garages clean, safe and sleek! Clean your epoxy floors today!

Get yourself some microfiber cleaning pad/mop – quality cleaning starts with the right tools! Simple cleaning tools, like warm water in bucket, or a mild soap or cleaner solution will be all you need. Plus don’t forget a soft brush vacuum attachment to help with small debris and dust.

Step-by-Step: Cleaning an Epoxy Floor

Start by removing any dust or debris, then prepare a bucket of warm water and mild cleaning solution.

Once the cotton mop head is damp (not wet), clean in small sections while wringing it out often to make sure every spot gets attention.

Finish up by rinsing away the cleaner and drying either naturally, using a Microfiber pad, or another soft cloth – et voilà – you’ve got yourself sparkling clean floors!

For those searching for an extra deep clean, use a mild coating cleaner during the cleaning process. There are plenty of epoxy floor-specific cleaners out there that will do just the trick. Now get out there and show off those epoxy floors!

Nail prevention, get perfection!

Ready to keep your epoxy floor in its best condition? Make prevention part of the plan! With a seamless, non-porous finish that resists dirt & grime buildup, an epoxy floor is perfect for keeping clean.

To maximize protection and minimize stress: use entry mats/rugs at doorways; install protective furniture pads when moving items around; wipe up spills immediately (especially oily ones); avoid sharp objects that could create scratches – easy as that!

Get the best epoxy flooring in Palm Coast, FL!

The best prevention starts at installation. That’s where we come in. Durabull Floors’ professional epoxy contractors promise professional results and great customer service, without breaking the banks. Our services page will guide you through everything we offer—you won’t be disappointed! Trust us to get your flake epoxy garage flooring right the first time.


Epoxy makes it easier than ever to keep floors clean and sleek! Not only does it make the chore of cleaning easier, but regular upkeep with epoxy can ensure that stains and dirt have nowhere to hide. Let this guide be inspiration for a home free from bothersome messes – make dirty floors a thing of the past!

Epoxy floors are a great choice for any surface looking to make an impression. When you trust expert epoxy contractors like Durabull Floors in the Palm Coast area, you can maximize your floor’s ease of maintenance. We pride ourselves in our thoroughness, and a seamless epoxy floor will actively fight against any dirt, grime, and bacteria collection.

Call us today and get a quote from our contact page to get the help you need!

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