Garage Flooring Sealer: The Benefits of Flake Epoxy

Garage Flooring Sealer: The Benefits of Flake Epoxy

The gold standard in garage flooring.

Your garage is one of the biggest backbones of your home. From storage, to parking, entry and exitways and more – there’s a lot of heavy lifting your garage floor does. That’s why it’s important to have a flooring solution that can withstand it all! A garage flooring sealer is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your garage looking good and staying strong.

In this article, we’ll dive into one of the most popular options for garage flooring: vinyl flake epoxy resin. Here at Durabull, we believe it’s the gold standard in garage flooring for homeowners in Palm Coast.

5 Reasons Why You Need Flake Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer

Let’s face it – life is hard enough without having to sift through dozens of contractors, figuring out the best flooring solution, just so that you can get the strong, beautiful floor you need in your garage. Here at Durabull, we aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. Flake epoxy is the best garage flooring sealer on the market right now – full stop. Thousands of homeowners are voting not just with their words, but with their money too, every day in favor of flake epoxy resin flooring. So, here’s 5 of the biggest reasons you need flake epoxy garage flooring in your Palm Coast home today!

1 | Durability:

The most significant reason why flake epoxy is often used as a garage flooring sealer is because of its durability; its strength is its strength. Flake epoxy is made up of epoxy resin (at Durabull, we only use high quality resin, especially polyaspartic), hardening agents, and then your preferred colored vinyl flakes/chips to create a textured surface for grip and design. The strength of the resin combined with the vinyl broadcast makes your garage floor much much more resistant to cracks, stains, and other forms of damage.

2 | Aesthetics:

In addition to its durability, flake epoxy is a perfect solution for any homeowner that has a unique design vision for their home! These colored flakes come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and you can really go crazy with what colors you want. Go with your favorite sports team’s colors, or something unique to just you! Whether its a subtle look or a bold statement, the world of vinyl flake epoxy floors is truly yours. And it’s not just for you – a beautiful floor is a great touch to increase a home’s resale value. Consider epoxy one of the best investments you’ll make in your home!

3 | Protection:

Obviously, when we mentioned epoxy is strong, it should be obvious that it offers protection. But epoxy’s protective characteristics are so strong we feel it’s necessary to get specific. Cracks, chips? When you trust a professional epoxy flooring contractor like Durabull in Palm Coast, they’re a thing of the past. But oil spills, chemical spills, daily wear and tear? Epoxy is stronger than all of them. Protect the life of your garage flooring and save money in the long run.

4 | Maintenance:

Maintenance of your new epoxy garage flooring sealer is a lot easier than you may think. And it’s a lot easier than any alternative! With flake epoxy, all you need is a broom and a mop to keep your garage floor looking like new. Mild detergent, warm water, that’s it. Epoxy’s seamless finish makes it a natural opponent to germs, bacteria, dirt and more. And because of its strength and protection, you’re covered on all fronts!

5 | Installation:

Lastly, but most importantly for you, flake epoxy is quick, affordable and easy to install. Of course, it’s always recommended that professional installers, especially a veteran team like Durabull’s, lay the foundation to ensure beautiful and uniform coverage. No nickel and diming, epoxy truly is a long term investment. It’s also a shorter installation period than most any other flooring! Specifically if your contractor uses polyaspartic resin, which our team does. Once it’s installed, have confidence that your garage flooring sealer will last for many years to come.


Overall, flake epoxy is one of the best garage flooring sealer options for homeowners in Palm Coast and beyond. Its durability, aesthetics, protection, low maintenance, and easy installation make it an all-around winner. So, consider flake epoxy if you’re in the market for a garage flooring sealer that’ll handle whatever your garage throws at it.

Give our team at Durabull a call! We want to help simplify your life, and get you the strong flooring you deserve. Take advantage of our free quotes and warranty options today!

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