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An image showing a level concrete floor in a garage with flake epoxy flooring installed on top of it.
An easy way to get safer, more even concrete floors! Has your garage floor seen better days? Does its uneven appearance take away from the look and utility of your space? Our team here at Durabull Flooring in Palm Coast, FL has a solution. It’s self-leveling concrete! Self-leveling concrete is quickly becoming an attractive option […]
An image of a high-gloss glitter epoxy resin floor.
Are you the proud owner of an epoxy garage floor? If so, congratulations! You’ve made a wise choice in flooring material. Especially if you trusted our team here at Durabull Floors to install it. Not only is epoxy durable and easy to clean, but it also has a shiny, polished look that can make your […]
An image showing a clean, freshly installed polyaspartic garage floor.
Stay up to date with the most revolutionary flooring resin. Any homeowner in the Palm Coast, FL area renovating their garages or homes should know why everyone is falling for polyaspartic floors. Chances are you’ll be in love with your polyaspartic garage floor, too. And who would blame you? Polyaspartic floors are beautiful, durable, and […]
An image showing a concrete floor in disrepair.
Durabull’s concrete repair services prolong the life of your floors! If you’re a homeowner in Palm Coast, FL, then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Durabull. We’re the company that residents turn to for all their concrete repair and epoxy flooring needs. And while some people may think that concrete repair is only […]
An image showing a clean flake garage epoxy floor.
Keep it sleek, keep it safe! Your epoxy floors in the Palm Coast, FL area may look smooth and sleek, but it’s their super-efficient cleaning capabilities that make them a dream choice for any business or home. Keeping your floor free of dirt and grime is as easy as ever with proper maintenance – plus […]


DuraBull – Epoxy Flooring Experts® –Worcester, MA – gives you peace of mind that your largest investment and your prize possessions are sitting on the highest quality epoxy floor available today!

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